Household and General Auction

Our Household and General Auction sales are held on the Wednesday and Saturday each week at 10am. Items entered in to these auctions are predominately from private household clearance and can be delivered to our sale room by arrangement through the office.

If you have items you wish to include in these auctions and cannot deliver them yourself we can arrange this through our removal contractor Mr Bob Wardle of Friday Bridge.

In these auctions we include any household items which are legal to sell including china, glass, bric-a-brac, ornaments, electrical good, furniture, garden tools, lawnmowers etc. Electrical items have to be PAT tested and we provide this service through Evergreen Servicing Ltd at £3.30 Inc VAT per item. With regard to foam filled furniture this has to conform to the safety regulations and must have a fire proof label attached at the time of its manufacture.

Any items which are delivered but do not conform to the legal requirements or are unsalable will be removed and disposed of at the local household waste depot and the cost of removal and disposal charge will be deducted from the proceeds of other items. As the cost for disposal and removal is now significant it is there for in your interest not to send any item which we will be unable to dispose of through the auction. (Free advice on this aspect can be given by Richard Barnwell who will be pleased to call to see you by appointment). 

All items are sold subject to the conditions of sale (See) and vendors are paid by cheque within one week of the sale day.

For more information please Elaine Petchell on 01945 584200 (Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm)