Antique and Collectables Auctions Terms & Conditions


1. Commission on the sale of all items is charged at 18% of the amount realized which under the auctioneer's margin scheme includes the VAT element.

2. If you are a VAT registered vendor, then please ask the Auctioneers for details of our charges.

3. A charge of £6 per lot will be made for items remaining unsold which under the auctioneer's margin scheme includes the VAT element.

4. The Auctioneers reserve the right to reject any item(s) entered for any sale.

5. The Auctioneers do not undertake collections or deliveries but as agents for their clients will, if requested and if practicable, instruct a contractor to remove items to or from the saleroom or their other premises. Any charges for such removal invoiced to and paid by the Auctioneers will be recharged to the Vendor.

6. The Auctioneers take all reasonable and practical steps to take care of the items entered for the sale, including the employment of night security during the week of the sale, but they cannot accept responsibility for damage, howsoever caused, or theft. Vendors are therefore recommended to arrange insurance cover with their own insurers for any specific items they wish to have covered against loss or damage, both before and after the auction in case of the item remaining unsold.

7. Instructions regarding any reserve price or other instructions given orally are accepted at Clients' risk and must be confirmed to the Auctioneers in writing. (NOTE: Minimum reserve £20).

8. In all instances the Auctioneers will give their best attention to the examination and identification of any article, but will in no circumstances be responsible for an incorrect identification or opinion. The Seller may, if in any doubt, request the Auctioneers, at the Seller's expense, to seek specialist advice.

9. A charge of £12 per Lot will be made in respect of items entered in the sale, catalogued, but subsequently withdrawn by the Seller for any reasons, which under the auctioneer's margin scheme includes the VAT element.

10. In the event of any items remaining unsold after the auction, please note all items left with the auctioneers are entirely at the risk of the Seller, please see clauses 5 and 6. The Auctioneers also reserve the right to reduce any reserve price (unless we receive written instructions to the contrary) for the next Auction and if after two Auctions, the item remains unsold or uncollected by the vendor, then the Auctioneers reserve the right to sell the item without reserve, or dispose of the item by any means whatsoever without the necessity of further instructions from the vendor.

11. In view of recent Trading Standards Legislation, we are unable to accept any mains electrical items in this sale, or any foam filled furniture, and the Auctioneers reserve the right to reject any items which do not conform to current British Standards.

12. If any item is entered in the sale and described by the Seller themselves, and not viewed by the auctioneers prior to the sale, then any misdescription of such item will be entirely the responsibility of the Seller and the Seller agrees to indemnify the auctioneers against any claim made against the auctioneers by the purchasers of the item.

13. The Seller gives to the Auctioneer's full and absolute right to photograph and illustrate any lot placed in their hands for selling, and to use such photographs, including photographs provided by the Seller, at any time and for any purpose before, during and after the sale.

14. Vendors must disclose to the Auctioneer's whether any item entered in the sale is a business asset and whether therefore VA T. should be charged over and above the purchase price. If the Seller is a registered person for VA T. purposes, he must disclose his registration number on the attached fonn, and the Seller indemnifies the Auctioneers against any omission, or mis-statement made in respect of VAT.

15. Payment (without interest) will usually be made to the Seller within 21 days of the sale date, after deduction of the Auctioneers Margin Scheme and other expenses (where appropriate); but the Auctioneers shall not be liable for payment to the Seller until they themselves receive full payment from the purchaser.