Horticultural Buyers Guide

What do I do when I arrive on the day?

On arrival at the sale proceed to the office where you will be issued with a buyer’s number after you have completed a registration form. This will require you to give details of your full name and address, postcode and contact phone numbers (Please note the buyer’s numbers for horticultural and antique / general sales are different).

What do I do when I want to buy?

When bidding for an item you should hold up your card and if successful you will be asked for your buyer's number. In addition to the successful bid price you will be liable for commission at 12% (+ VAT) and VAT on the item itself were applicable. Items are sold per plant or per pack. The auction is catalogued in lots - the quantity in each lot varies (and the quantity is identified on the lot label). Bidding is per item, but the final price payable is multiplied by the quantity in each lot - e.g., Lot 123 - Ten Magnolia sold for £3.50 each, lot price will be £35.00 (plus commission + VAT), plug VAT, if applicable.

What happens if I win the bidding?

At the fall of the hammer the security of the items become your responsibility and although we endeavour to check out all goods, the auctioneers cannot accept any liability for any loss whatsoever and in the event of an item going missing you will still be required to pay the full purchase price plus commission.

How can I identify my lots?

Each lot is clearly identified with a white label which details the lot number, quantity and description.

How can I pay?

Payment is by cash or personal debit card. Credit cards and business debit cards are accepted subject to a 2% (+ VAT) handling charge. Cheques can only be accepted if arrangements have been made with the auctioneers at least one day prior to attending the action. Any cheques must be supported by a valid identification (e.g. passport, driving licence, utility bill) and I is your responsibility to make arrangements direct with the auctioneers prior to attending the auction.

PLEASE NOTE:   As from January 2018, we are no longer able to accept payment by credit card.  Payment made by debit card is accepted without surcharge.  Therefore payment must be made either by cash, by cardholder present payments (chip and pin), or by bank transfer into the relevant account.

When can I take the items?

Items must be removed from the auction premises on the day of sale.

Can I leave a commission bid?

If you cannot attend the auction a bid can be left with the Auctioneers (In writing). A maximum bid price can be left with the Auctioneers who will act on your behalf and were purchase the item at or below you maximum figure. Any VAT and commission (+ VAT) will be payable in addition to any bid.