Horticultural Auctions Terms & Conditions


1. Commission on the sale of all items is charged at 13% of the amount realized + VAT.

2. The Auctioneers reserve the right to reject any item(s) entered for any sale.

3. The Auctioneers do not undertake collections or deliveries. Arangements can be made for nationwide pallet deliveries and there is a forklift on site.

4. Items are entered at Vendors risk. It is the Vendors responsibility to provide EU passport details for plants included within this scheme. If a passport number is required and not provided plants can only be sold 'For Retail Sale Only'

5. Instructions regarding any reserve price or other instructions given orally are accepted at Clients' risk and must be confirmed to the Auctioneers in writing.

6. Vendors must instruct the auctioneers in writing of any reserve prices to be placed on items entered for sale. Reserves will be maintained unless instructed by the Vendor. The Auctioneers may review reserves with the Vendor if the items item remain unsold after 2 weeks.

7. Vendors must provide a written list of items to be entered in to an auction which must include accurate descriptions, quantities and any reserve prices. Vendors must disclose to the Auctioneer's whether any item entered in the sale is a business asset and whether therefore VA T. should be charged over and above the purchase price. If the Vendor is registered for VA T. purposes, they must disclose there registration number when entering the items, and the Vendor indemnifies the Auctioneers against any omission, or mis-statement made in respect of VAT.

8. Wherever possible the Auctioneers will endeavour to water plants but accept no liability for plants that deteriorate and become unsaleable. The Auctioneers reserve the right to dispose of items that are not fit for sale.

9. The Vendor gives to the Auctioneer's full and absolute right to photograph and illustrate any lot placed in their hands for selling, and to use such photographs, including photographs provided by the Vendor, at any time and for any purpose before, during and after the sale.

10. Payment (without interest) will be made to the Vendor every two weeks or as soon as possible there after. Monies are held in a seperate account (to which no intrest applies). Payment is by way of Cheque or Cash.

11. The Auctioneers do not accept responsibility for any accident, loss or damage from any course whatsoever which may occur on the Auction premises.