Seasonal Notes

The weather has certainly heralded the arrival of spring with buyers coming back into the market after their winter hibernation!! Prices have quickly firmed up and generally demand is good - especially for bedding (pansies and primroses), perennials and laurels. A very strong trade for 6ft root balled laurels with hundreds going through the auction in the last few weeks.


Gladioli bulbs, dahlias, nerines, lily of the valley and other bulbs doing well.


Tete a Tete, Daphne and Viburnums have started to spread their perfume through the auction halls and some fabulous 6 ft Camellias in full flower and a great range of large green and variegated buxus and pyramid yews {6ft) now coming through. 


We anticipate that stock and trade will begin to build up if the mild weather continues. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the auctions but if you have any particular enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Nick Grounds - 01945 583398